Eleventh hour

It’s not like the world really needs another blog or anything. I imagine cyberspace is already humming along quite well without my added megabytes. But I’m about to launch into a three-week trip to Japan to study indigo dyeing and shibori techniques, so this seemed like a good time to finally dip my toe into the blogging world and to have a way to share what I’m learning with friends and family, as well as other textile artists who like me have fallen in love with the magic of indigo.

And now it’s the eleventh hour, time to get the last tasks crossed off the ‘To Do’ list, pack the bags, and make the trek to Chicago for the flight to Tokyo. The 13-hour flight!

But first… homework.


One of our assignments was to design and cut three katazome¬†stencils that we’ll use to apply a rice paste resist to our fabric before immersing it in the indigo vat. This is a new technique to me so I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.