We’re here! It took a six-hour drive to Chicago, 12-hour flight to Tokyo, 90-minute bus ride from the airport, ten-minute walk to the hotel, and a 14-hour jump ahead into tomorrow, but we made it.

Thunder Bay is out there somewhere

Many of those hours on the plane were passed by making progress on another of our homework assignments, a stitched shibori linen piece that feels like it will take a lifetime to complete.

Mokume Shibori 

It will all be worth it once we are immersed in stitching and dyeing.  But first, a day to take in as much of Tokyo as we can.


12 thoughts on “JAPAN

  1. I love that you have homework and that it’s so serious, involved and intricate! Happy thinking about you two sweet, wonderful women on your mission filled with inspiration!!


  2. So glad you made it safely. Have a wonderful time! You will know when the Cubs win before we do! We all miss you very much. Found a great quilt store in Sayner! Love you


  3. Miss having you here with us but know this is a trip of a lifetime and look forward to hearing all about it!

    Love, Mel

    P.S. Did it really only take you six hours to get to Chicago??!!?? Hmmm….


  4. Looks like an amazing creative adventure! And to experience a typhoon to add to your excitement. Thanks for this place for us to share your journey.


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